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Old 06-25-2007, 06:00 PM
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Exclamation Introducing: The X-Customs Hall FX Kit

X-Customs is very excited to introduce the X-Customs Hall FX Kit.


The X-Customs Hall FX Kit is a long-held secret of X-Customs. Originally prototyped in 2003 as the “floating trigger” concept, this trigger switch provides a first-class trigger pull only found on some higher-end markers. It works by replacing the stock push-button trigger switch with a magnetic sensor. This sensor uses an electrical phenomenon called the Hall Effect to detect a magnet on the trigger and fire the marker. With no mechanical button to press, trigger pull is significantly smoother and immensely more customizable.

When the “floating trigger” concept was discussed four years ago, many solid conclusions were made regarding its performance potential, including its great durability and reliability. Optical trigger setups (found on some high-end markers) have been known to fail when interrupted by dirt or paint. Conversely, the Hall FX Kit senses a magnetic field, so the sensor’s “sight” is never clouded. To protect the sensor from paint and other debris, the Hall FX Kit seals its sensor within a custom-made acrylic housing. This housing also conveniently acts as a secure backstop for all standard rear-slack adjustment screws.

It is generally understood in the Spyder community that any switch with an activation weight 50g or heavier is safe to use with regards to electrical bounce, and anything lighter should be carefully watched. The X-Customs Hall FX Kit on the other hand has no activation weight and exhibits NO electrical bounce. This extraordinary discovery offers a huge benefit for its users. With the X-Customs Hall FX Kit, trigger pulls can be tweaked below 50g safely and confidently.

With such a revolutionary device looming around for years, you may be wondering, “why haven’t we seen a Hall Effect Sensor kit for Spyders before?” Well, until now, there have been no drop-in solutions for installing the Hall Effect application into a Spyder ESP frame. X-Customs’ first prototype required certain operations that made returning the ESP frame to its stock configuration impossible. Transitioning from this first prototype to the Hall FX Kit is a huge accomplishment. The X-Customs Hall FX Kit requires no soldering, crimping, or splicing. The worst part of its installation involves epoxying an included magnet to the backside of the trigger. Even better, everything is reversible, including the epoxied magnet! Like the X-Customs SwiX, the Hall FX Kit is truly a plug-and-play upgrade.


The X-Customs Hall FX Kits are compatible with all stock ESP-framed Spyders (Classic, IPI, CAMD, LED, and LCD boards), T-Boards, IS Boards, and XSF Boards. Compatibility with the Kingman Tadao, Virtue, and Lucky Spitfire Boards is not yet available but is in process. A VS2 version is also in development. Stay posted for further updates!

Pricing and Ordering Information

All pricing and ordering information can be found on the X-Customs website: http://www.x-customs.com. Everything is in stock but still needs assembling, so no orders will be taken until they are assembled and perfect. Your patience is extremely appreciated.

ETA for first shipment: AVAILABLE NOW!

SPYDER CUP PARTICIPANTS – X-Customs is offering an exclusive discount to all Spyder Cup participants! Check the website for more details.

Bundle Option

X-Customs will also be offering additional discounts on bundled orders. Check the website for more details.
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