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Old 06-11-2007, 04:41 PM
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Default Re: Vike's Proto Rail Review

Ok, ongoing review and update...

The gun is pretty nice! Rips pretty hard (when I'm not having issues - see below for those.) In fact, with the UL frame on it, I seem to be able to hit my top finger speed with my left hand much easier than before. Right hand - well, let's just say I'm having a case of stiff fingers....Gun is still as accurate as ever.

I had been having problems with leaks from my PMR. I would air it up and 50 % of the time it would just leak and never really from one specific area. Then, at random times while playing my gun would just start going freaky and start leaking in random areas. A few weeks ago, I noticed that after using some Dow 55 on some can orings, I didn't get any leaks that whole day, which led me to think there was something else going on.

So, after reading up on it, I noticed that lots of people were changing all their orings in an attempt to stop their leaks, so I decided this weekend to just change all the orings I had and see what happened. As I mentioned before, I had found a place locally that had all the orings I needed at a much cheaper price (I bought 20 complete sets for less than a dollar per set!) so I figured what the heck?

While I was changing the orings, I noticed that the orings I bought were just a tad thicker and stiffer than the ones Proto sent with the gun. Not by much, but it concerned me so I checked and sure enough, the orings I bought were the correct diameter based on the sizes given in the manual (70 and 90) and the ones given with the gun were not the correct size. Even the outside diameters were a little different. I got to thinking this could have been my problem the whole time.

So, after changing all the orings (except one - I couldn't find a 2 mm oring) I noticed that the bolt didn't slide as easily back and forth due to the orings I used. It moved, but wasn't as smooth. I lubed it up pretty well, and inserted the bolt in the gun. When I put the air to it, there wasn't even the slightest leak! Not even that first pfffttttt that you get until the bolt pressurizes.

I finally managed to get my hands on an almost full pod of reballs, so I started shooting. I went through about 4 loaders full of reballs in less than 2000 psi, and not a single leak. Only one issue was when the bolt seemed to get stuck, but I shut the air and gun off and pushed it back in the breech a bit, it worked just fine.

Results: I can't be 100 percent sure yet, but I believe changing the orings from the Dye supplied ones to the aftermarket ones totally made a difference in my air issues. However, I'll know more when I play a full day with it. The only concern I have was the bolt stick I got that once...One thing's for certain, I have enough orings to last!

One other thing - my PMR had this noticeable "honk" from time to time with my PMR. It happened so much that the gun and I both have a new nickname at my field (I'm called "Goose" now, and my gun is known as "The Goose," hahaha! That's ok, it's kind of funny and it's not so bad, so I like it...) Anyway, when I changed the orings on my bolt, the honk has all but disappeared. Again, I'll know more when I play the next full day.

Conclusion - could it be that DYE used shoddy orings in some of it's guns? It's quite apparent that there is a difference in size between the two sets. Maybe this could be the cure for the persistant leaking issues many people are reporting and not really "user error" as previously thought.

Oh, btw - since I have the reballs now, and some air, I can get that video up that I promised awhile back! I'll try to get something going this week...
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