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Old 06-01-2007, 05:23 PM
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Default Proto matrix rail

So i was out de-greasing my bike chain today when the mail man pulled up. he had a small box in his hands, which i knew was my new(used) proto rail! I was lucky enough to get this on e-bay with a new feed neck, and boblong assassins barrel all for only 307 shipped.

being that i got this guy used, it didn't come with a box or warranty card, but i found a manual online and im pretty good at learning to tech my own gun (done it with spyders and ions so far). tools arnt a big deal, everything you buy comes with an hex wrench or crescent wrench so i have plenty of that i can put into a kit.

So i opened the box which wasn't much bigger then my halo box, and found my pretty black PMR in bubble wrap, its pretty clean, a few really small nicks in the finish, but nothing really noticeable. and the barrel was just underneath. so i put it together and held it fir the first time.

Initial feel

this thing feels great in my hands, no more hard plastic grips (sorry electra 05), they arnt the best ive felt in my time, but for stock grips, that are fantastic!! now when i play i don't use the back grip a lot, mostly the front reg. but ive been toting this thing around my house since it arrived and cant put it down. I can see these grips being perfect for times where you need to sprint and or dive around.

the trigger, like most have said, is below par with the rest of the gun, but it still works pretty well. i haven't had a chance to get the right sized wrench to adjust the travel of the trigger yet, but it came in a pretty nice spot. once i get it set right, walking in semi mode shouldn't be too much of a problem.

the back cap doesn't seem to be as brittle as people have said, being that mine is used, im not positive that this is the stock cap, but it looks like the pictures, in which case, I think it will hold up until i can round up 20 bucks to replace it. more of the looks than anything (im gunna do silver accents)

the eye covers on my marker sit pretty flush with the rest of the body, they too seem to be durable enough to last till i feel like changing them. i think vikingshadow said his stuck out at the bottom, perhaps he just got a bad cover. other then the fact that they don't match the anno of the rest of the gun, you cant even tell they are there.

setting the board

i don't have a ton of experience with changing the settings on a board, but when i got this open and flipped the switch for adjustment mode(#2 switch to on), it was a piece of cake! all you do is pull the trigger up to 4 times (for whatever you want to adjust), and when you find the right color (red, green,yellow/orange or flashing) you hold the trigger for a second and it will flash a number of times indicating which setting its currently at. that is to say, it flashes 12 times on the pbs mode for the stock 15.9 pbs. after that you can adjust by pressing the trigger as many times as to get to the desired mode (17 for 24bps, 2 for psp ect...) then you turn it back to normal operation mode (put the # 2 switch back to off) and its as easy as that.

i haven't had a chance to take the bolt out yet, or gas it up and rip a few off,
but when i do i will come back with more review.

if anyone knows about the BL assassins barrel, could you let me know what you think, also the part on the reg where the line comes in rotates, is this normal? also if anyone has this marker, what do you have the dwell and other settings at?

thanks for reading!
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