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Old 04-22-2007, 07:23 PM
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Well I got this board a few weeks ago but have so crazy busy haven't had any real time to even see how it works lol. When I got it basically my whole marker was completelty apart since I was just about to send it to ano to rid it of that hideous silver color(that's just my opinion though) I was forced into buying -

I started on this a couple weeks ago and basically got the eyes and the board put in. Being the perfectionist that I am, I decided I wanted to twist and wrap the eye wires similar to the stock eye wires since they were loose and pretty danged long. I'd like to have put shrink tubing on them but sice they're already assembled, that was an impossibility. I resorted to twisting the thin(looks like about 28 gauge) wires together and wraping them with a sticky type cloth electrical tape. Twisting the wires keeps them together and shortens the whole harness a little. I only wrapped them to the point to where they go into the eye wire channels in the VS2 body -

This is what I ended up with in the eye area of the body.........

I used a little bit of tape over the channel to keep them in place so not to crush the wires when putting it all back together..........

This is what it looked like after attaching the body to the trigger frame before plugging everything into the board.........

This shows the routing I chose and what plugs go where on the VS2...........

One thing I didn't like about the instructions was there was no pic of the board illustrating which plugs go where. I have three empty plugs in the board. One is obviously for the IPI, ESP and CAMD e-frames. What the others are for, I have no idea. Mabe I'll find out when I read the whole lengthy manual -

When I looked at the position of the recharging plug compared to the hole in the e-frame I kind of freaked out because it was a bit off. I was imagining that I would need to remove the battery every time I wanted to charge it. Once I tried to plug the charger end into the receptacle, it barely made it. I suppose it's in that spot on the board so it will be chargable with other Spyder's as well. Here's a pic of what I mean..........

I was going to go through some of the modes and all but as usual, the battery was completely discharged. Don't know what it is with the newer Spyder boards but they discharge the batteries expeditiously even when turned off -

I'm charging the battery right now and still need to put the rest of the VS together to see the final results of all this, so this will be the first entry of this review. I will be adding more info soon as I can fit it into my busy-ness lol. . The instructions for the functions are very lengthy. Certainly not for the literary handicapped lol. I will add more info when I get it charged going through the modes and all dry firing. Then another entry after I put some paint through it which I cannot do at home -
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