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Old 06-26-2008, 09:50 AM
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Default Shadys experience with upgradeparts for the MR2

Alright seeing as how I get so many PM's each day (Wich I dont mind at all) asking about my experience with variouse aftermarket parts, loaders barrels ect. I thought that I would make this thread detailing what I thought about each Item that I have used so far with the MR2.
i would deffinatly think that it would be a good idea for other people if they so choose to do the same on this thread. I think that it would help alot of the newer players that come along wanting to know whats good or bad about products and people experience with them.

I want to make one rule though, NO CLUTTERING;

If you make a post and then try a different product EDIT your post and add it in rather then make a new post that way everything will be half organized, unless of corse you exceed the maximum amount of charecters and dont have a choice. I really think that this could be a popular thread if we put some effort into it.

ok lets start this off by saying that alot of the products i have used on my Mr2 require moding in some way, but I will be sure to list what products them are so no one buys something that dont fit!


Evolution II- This was the original hopper that I had when i got my MR@ I used it on my previouse marker. With the MR2 it did not preform well at all and lead to alot of chopps and problems, particularly when walking the trigger fast, fully auto or burst. I wouldnt get this hopper, however it is better then a gravity feed, but again I wouldnt get it.

Evolution III- I was looking to buy this or a Halo and this was 100 cheeper and only 2 BPS slower then the halo stock so I grabed it. Big mistake, save up the money a little longer and get the halo! The hopper just didnt cut it it was too inconsistent and stood very high off of the marker. because it is an agitated hopper and not a true Force feed it didnt have the means nessisary to deal with the blowback so common with the MR2. This hopper will work with the MR2 however I would sugest getting a force feed.

Halo B (with rip and V35)- I have never used a stock halo however mine has Rip and V35. This is a great hopper that works extreamly well with the MR2. Lower profile then the eggy's and it is force feed. This hopper meats all the demands of the MR2. Rip and V35 are a good upgrade for the hopper to I think. The only cons I have about this particular loader is that it is heavy. There are things you can do to combat that though, get the 9V mod I beleive VS3 Sniper sells them. It is worth it and drops alot of weight off. Great hopper for the MR2.

Q-loader- This is the current loader that I use, and I love it. Personaly i belive that if you are into woodsball and or scenario play a Q-loader is a must. It feed rediculessly fast, no batteries its light and just looks cool. I will admit that the Q takes a bit of fiddling around to get it to work right however it is very well worth the time and patience. I personaly think that hooking up the Q with direct feed (you can buy the MR adapter or do the Viper mod with a peice of 3/4 pvc) saves you alot of frustration as the hose causes alot of headach. here is a few of Shady's bonus tips to help you kick start your project.

1.Try to go direct feed if you can, if your absolutly against the idea that is fine to.
2.If you do decide to go with a under the barrel mount or some other mount that requires a hose be sure that when you cut it you cut it to a langth that doesnt have sharp kinks when installed on the marker as this will hamper feeding, as well make sure that it is cut to a langth that holds a full nuber of balls you dont want half a paintball sticking out either end just bagging to be cut off.
3.I went with about 11 1/2-12 prewinds with my loader and that seemed to do the trick however the prewinds will all very depending on your langth of hose ect. this is just a guide line.
Here is a link to vests and pod holders that fit the Q-pods compliments of Kingtut


Timmys- These are the best detents out there that I know of for the MR2. Being the MR2 requires a good force feed hopper it is a must that you have a good stiff detent or your paintballing days arent going to be fun. Definatly worth the cash though hard to find in Canada! :Thumbup:


Original stock- Lots of people cut the top bar off the original stock that comes with the MR2. This allows you to bring your face down low enough to look through the sights. It works but doesnt look that good IMO.

SAW stock- I really like this stock its mean looking shoulders nice and makes it real easy to see your sights through it. fits real good on the MR2 and has no woble to it at all. The down side to this particular stock is that it is very heavy and adds alot of weight to the marker. So I can only give it partial marks as well.


MR wraparounds- Great grips supper comfy and hide the board and battery alot better then the stock ones. At 18$ I think there a must for all MR2. owners.

Barrels (Any of the barrels milled to fit will work on the Mr1 without being milled, hope that helps)

Apex-Probably the most desputed barrel out there, but this is my experience with it. I love this barrel everyone should have one of these puppies. What makes the apex great is that it reaches out there a LONG LONG way out there. For all you snipers they are a must! The problem is that the farther you shoot the worse accuracy can be, there are a few tricks to help beat this that I will share latter. Right now I want to mention probably the best feture about the apex, with the slide of a ramp you can turn it off. This is extreamly usefull in all situations. The dive and hook are neet to play with as well although I seldom use them, its still a good twist.
ok here are a few more of shady's tips to help you out.

1. Mount this sucker on an aftermarket barrel, you can either buy a Apex mod adapter from UMC or you could put a few wraps of tape (electrical tape) around the tip pf the barrel you decide to put it on then mount it overtop.
This helps in 3 ways.
-its alot more accurate at long distances
-Shoots farther (more accuratly)
-when you turn the apex off you have just as good of close range accuracy as anyone else on the corse.

I have used my apex on 2 barrels, one, the Progressive (I had to mill the back down to have it fit the MR2) added about 15 more feet of accurate distance. And now I have it on my Empire barrel kit (again had to be milled to fit) This gives my about 20 feet more accurate distance. However where it really helps is when your close enough to shoot with the apex off you have unserpassed accuracy with the barrel kit. Great product get this barrel, oh BT has remarkeble product support as well.

14" Progressive(Milled to fit)- This barrel does NOT fit the MR2 shroud i had to have the back turned down to 7/8's. But regardless I have used it on my MR2. It was a good barrel and I had no problems with it shoot through breaks reall well, good barrel.

16" CCm Trueflight rifled and ported barrel (milled to fit)- This is another barrel that I had to mill. However again it was a good barrel, I wanted to try it for the rifling, however I am not sure that it even does anything. it was a little heavy and loud so it only gets partial marks.

20" SP tactical barrel- I bought this for my new gun project. IT is a very light barrel for its langth. Because it is so long it requires more air to push it through the barrel however its minimal the extra air it uses, maby 20 shots less a tank. It looks cool has the tactical edge and i think its a good product.

Empire barrel kit (milled to fit)- Works great any barrel kit is well worth the money this one is no exception. If you want to be as accurate as possible for paintball get a barrel kit.


Lowblow- I think that this is a good bolt. It gives you a little extra distance as it adds a slight backspin to the ball. As with anything that puts a spin on the ball your accuracy will suffer slightly. I didnt think that it was enough to be concerned about. Good product.

2 o-ring bolt- This is probably your safest bet if you are looking to get an aftermarket bolt. It is the most popular and widly used. The bolt helps to eliminate the harsh blowback that is so prevelint with the MR2, good upgrade.

Spring kits

Vlocity- This spring kit I picked up on ebay, it is a decent kit with 4 springs of verrying stifness. The only setback to this particular kit is that they are only main springs and no valve springs. It is importent to get a mix of what to springs work best together so this kit loses points because of that factor.

32*-Probably the most popular kit for the MR series this one comes with everything that you need and you deffinatly cant go wrong with it. :thumb up:

Shim kits

Vlocity-This is a nice complimenting kit to your existing string kit, they pretty much do the same thing as a stiffer spring. Cheeper then a spring kit but only works one way up, wont help lower your feet per second like a weeker spring in a kit will.

expansion chambers

Trinity AK- Well of all the products that I have ever bought for my MR series guns this is probably the worst. i have had nothing but trouble out of this mag with constant leaks and trouble. The mag is very heavy and scratches real easy. it will help you CO2 users out there however. For me personaly I have a hard time trying to find any good points to give this product so it only pulls up negative reveiws from me. That could change in the future but for now its :thumbsdown:
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-Deep insertion APC
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-Troop Transport APC (almost done)
-Gun Truck heavy support unit (In the works)

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Old 06-26-2008, 10:26 AM
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Default Re: Shadys experience with upgradeparts for the MR2


Tippy A-5 G36- This rail will fit the MR2 however it sticks out past the front shroud about 1" so it looks alot better if you custom make a shroud that is a little longer. But the shroud itself is great, its light tons of rails on it looks cook and mean and gives you the nessissary room to look through a red dot or other sight aiding device. Its a well made product that is easy to instal.

AR-15 riser- This is a good little rail that is very durable and tough however for a small rail it is very heavy. There may be lighter rails out there but they wont be as tough.

Barrel Shrouds

BT16-A very common shroud for users of the Mr2 the shroud is lightweight and gives the users the appeal of a M4 carbine. Complimented with the appropriate carstock you could have your gat looking realistic in a hurry. i like the shroud as it is light and versatile. i also drilled mine and put a rail kit on it. it attaches solid to the barrel and does not attach to the main body this is good so that you dont have to take the shroud off to remove the barrel like a few other shrouds. Good product.


Special forces vertical grip- This is a neat peice of kit that I picked up its a special forces vertical grip that attaches directly to any 7/8 weaver or picatinny rail. There is a small button on the front that when pushed releases a spring loaded bi-pod. This thing really is cool! it is very light and i like the fact that when you dont want the bi-pod it slids effortlessly back into the handle where it is kept from hooking and snagging on things.


Virtue- I bought this board recently and love it, everything is compleatly customizable on the board to user prepherence(SP??) The laser eyes are cool too! its easy to install with the exception of having to enlarge the hole where the charging port goes as it is a little off center and requires some attention. Other then that super easy to install and use with alot of different mods and settings that are sure to draw some attention wherever you play.

Grenade Launchers

EGL-47- This is the US militarys replica of the M203 that is used as a training feture, toned down now for sevilian use in the form of the EGL or eagle 47. The grenadl launcher is a beast in all seances of the word as it packs a large punch with acrazy big kill radiuse. In the same breath however this thing is heavy weighing in at 3.5LBS without a grenade in the chamber. So your gun ends up deing extreamly front heavy. What I like about this launcher is that it shoots water ballons a cheep round at anyrate so your not shooting out 10$ a pop! It's a breach load that is extreamly convenient and if you choose to take it off your marker there is a stand alone kit that can be perchased for it. I deffinatly think that it is worth the 640$


CO2- Like most people I have used Co2 in my marker a few times playing bush ball or what have you. I use a remote coil that helps act as an epansion chamber alowing the Co2 to revert from its liquid form before entering the gun and freezing all your o-rings. Personaly I beleive that the upgrade to HPA is just as nessissary as a new barrel. It's fine to use Co2 if you choose but HPA is a better way to go. Co2 works not as good as HPA though.

Pure energy(3000) HPA steelie- This I beleive is a must for anyone. HPA is an excellent upgrade, it is alot esier on your o-rings. No marker freeze up you dont have all the problems assosiated(SP) with co2 especialy in winter play. So my experience with HPA is that it is a must have, I would deffinetly sugest getting it. This is just a steelie tank so it is heavy, if that botheres you however there is plenty of carbon fiburs out there just be prepaired to dig your wallet out.

Remote Coils

JT with check slide and pressure releif- I beleive that coils are a upgrade for a gun as well so im going to list mine. Coils help in alot of ways regardless of the make, if you run co2 it gives it more time to turn from liquid to gas so it doesnt freeze up your marker. Anther great thing is that your tank isnt on your gun anymore. With the MR2 its nice to lose as much weight as you can. The JT remote is durrable and tough i have no complaints about what so ever.
General Shawn Wayne Tetz, Commander 187th Gaurds Mechanized Rilfe Division.
- Includes the 3rd armored brigade from the 34th Gaurds Armored Division. (APC's and armor as well as support elements)
-UCSF Armored Division Commander

Armored Units

-Deep insertion APC
-Killer "B" Battle Tank
-Troop Transport APC (almost done)
-Gun Truck heavy support unit (In the works)

-Order of Lenin (1st)
-Skyline Sergeant
-YGP Rep!
-Sector 4 team feild honor recipiant (UCSF)

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Old 06-26-2008, 11:36 AM
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Default Re: Shadys experience with upgradeparts for the MR2

oh hey i dont have to ask you anymore thanks man, a great thread again!
My Tac-SVD MR2


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-One who shoots at other people from a concealed place.

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Old 06-27-2008, 08:53 AM
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Thumbs up Re: Shadys experience with upgradeparts for the MR2

[COLOR="Red"]Let me say that I do not have alot of experiance. Just started about this time last year. I figure that if I start now it wont be so big the 1st time and I can just add little by little.


Viewloader Revy-This is the 1st aggitaded hopper I got (for MR1) and did not know anything (wish I belonged to this forum then). It is very slow 13 bps and is break beam lazer. This means that when you are playing and you have no balls left it just runs or if you tip your gun it can turn on. Not so good when crawling around. I don't recomend it. (Great for loading Q-pods).

Evolution II-Same as Shady

Spyder Fasta- I think that it is cheap for the rate of fire you get. I used it with the MR2 and works very well. Reloading is a little differant because the lid is almost level and not on an angle. Not to big a deal just have to be careful. One thing about the Fasta is that it is very light. I personally have broken two shells ( Might have been the feed neck). Good hopper if you are careful with it.

Q-loader- Same as Shady but would like to add getting the CMS if you want to deal with hose. I think that it is a great option and gives you more ways to mount the Q-loader.


I found that the ones that came with the MR1 where stiffer than the ones that came with the MR2. So I use those. They are not perfect with the Q-loader but as long as I keep the bps to 20 or under it runs like a dream. I really don't need or want to have a higher bps.
Still want to get Timmy's just tough in Canada.


MR Series- I like the look of it and not to bad a price. It is light weight and I think very comfy on your shoulder. I think it is great for CQB.

Pro Team Car Stock- I like the look of this stock better than the MR series. It seems to be strong and is light. When in all the way it is a little shorter than the MR series so it is also good for CQB. The only negative thing is when it is in all the way you can not cock the gun. There is a little ridge on the top of the stock that get in the way so you have to either extend the stock or file down the ridge to cock the gun. I did think that it was a little expensive $100. Over all I think it is a good stock.


MR Series- Same as Shady


Empire Twister- It does not fit on the MR2 without milling. When I used it with my MR1, loved it. I think that it is very accurate. I am really thinking of milling it to fit the MR2.

J&J 14 inch Ceramic- What can I say. Love the J&J!! Fit the MR2 without milling. It is very accurate and light. If you break a ball no problem. Just take about 5-10 shots and you are good to go and cheep. When I got mine it was a $30 bargain. Now I see it on line for around $50 but still a bargain.

RAP 4 8 inch Recon- I really liked the barrel. Found it to be ok for accuracy but very loud. It has no porting but is rifled. I did break a few balls with it and was able to shoot through the break. The only other barrel that I have been able to do that with is the J&J Ceramic. No milling

Apex- I'm with Shady. By it self the accuracy is ok but but then I put it on the J&J. Definatly the way to go.

JCS x short- Need to grind it to fit. I like this barrel. I found it to be accurate but loud. Got the tip milled so it can fit the Apex. Great for CQB. After playing in the senario game with Shady I can say that the Apex tip on it is amazing. Deffinatly recomend this mod.

Springs- All I can say is that when I 1st got the MR2 I had trouble getting my velocity up. Got given a red spring and it is a lot stiffer and that sloved the problem. Cant recomend a company because I dont know it

Expantion Chambers

32-Degrees- I very much like this product. I have had no problems with it. I did have to cut the fore grip to make it fit but it was very easy. I chose this expantion chamber because it was very cheep ($25) and alot easier to get than the AK-47 style for me. It was one of those things where the shop owner just wanted it out the door. I will say that it is very comfy for a fore grip. I also hook my remote line directly to it. It pivots 360* so you can have the hose out on any angle that works for you. I think this is a great feature.


Virtue- Same as Shady. Just like to add that there are a few ajustment that I don't think I am ready to set yet I will just keep them set to there default.





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Old 06-27-2008, 10:46 PM
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Default Re: Shadys experience with upgradeparts for the MR2

Zero Gravity 12", I had to mill down the back with a dremmel to get the barrel to fit, the barrel was nice and light and quieter then the stock barrel. But the stock barrel was more accurate IMO. I also use rainx in my barrels, I believe it helps. J&J Elite Edge barrel Kit, Nice and lite. love the barrel backs.

* Whats the deal with the gap about this big [] where the barrel fits into the marker???? thats a big gap. Chop problem?

I modified Dye stickies and love 'em!

Barrel Shroud-
My weight bench has a standard bar, it came with 8" attachments so I could use Olympic type weights. These fit perfectly on my barrel.

Revy with x-board. It does not keep up and its loud. Halo-B w/ Rip - Had to take scope off the top because it sits so low and everything else Same as Slim, I really like it so far.

I chopped the top bar off the original stock.

Core Feed neck drops my hoppers profile a bit and seems pretty sturdy. I like that it comes in two parts because my hopper fits on there really tight.

Misc Gear-
Stanley Tool Box- carries both markers, two hoppers, rags and barrels on the bottom section. Middle section holds my side arm, tools, duct tape and misc items, the lid holds my fast moving items in sections like my o-rings, oil, anti fog, batteries and squegies. I am able to carry this or wheel it around.

Spring kit-
Maddman- a lot of different springs. I have only replaced the striker spring so far...
Modified Dye Stickies-
2" Side rail- reg' rail attached to the side by a screw
Halo B w/ RIP drive-
Core MR clamping feed neck
Maddman Spring kit-
J&J Allstar edge barrel kit
Mamba coil remote

better paintball skills

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Default Re: Shadys experience with upgradeparts for the MR2

Care to change the font color from black, please? Thanks!
SOC (+41, -0) | PBN (+12, -0) | New PBN (+20, -0)

URT... Ultimate Resource Thread!

The [OFFICIAL] Manual Thread!

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Default Re: Shadys experience with upgradeparts for the MR2

Special Ops Commando Stock
This stock is well worth getting. It fits the MR2 very well, if not better, than your 'stock' stock. It really changes the look of your marker for the better, and isn't as common as a carbine stock, so you get some variety.
Some perks: A cutout on the left side of the stock gives you extra mask clearance to look down sights or scopes. I have no problem hitting my mask with this stock. Also, this stock is hollow inside, and has a pre-cut hole for a remote nipple. If you are industrious, and want to go air-thru, this stock makes it easy. This thing looks, feels, and IS durable. I've never once worried about any part of it cracking, shifting, or coming loose.
Some downsides: (like Shady said about it's SAW counterpart) It is not light. Another sore spot, is that it covers your velocity adjustment, to give it the full-backed look.

MR3/"MR Series" Stock
In my opinion, this stock looks awful on any of my MR markers. That said, it is also probably the most practical stock I've used. It really snugs to your shoulder, it is adjustable, light, and very durable. Sights are a breeeze to look through.

J&J 14" Ceramic Barrel
Alot of people like these. These are excellent barrels for the price. You may be able to shoot through ball breaks in a pinch, due to the ceramic coating, but it is not a substitute for using a squeezie. It will reduce the noise of your MR2 greatly over the stock barrel.
Cons: The o-ring that came with my barrel caused the barrel to seize inside my gun and could hardly be removed at one point (took 2 guys to remove it, once). It also caused some ball breaking troubles. Havn't heard many other cases like this, but if this happens, try using your stock barrel o-ring, worked for me. Another big con in my opinion, is the fact that this barrel will chip and scratch very easily.
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Old 07-04-2008, 07:28 AM
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Default Re: Shadys experience with upgradeparts for the MR2

wow that helps a lot ty slim
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Default Re: Shadys experience with upgradeparts for the MR2

Hey where do u get the bolt u mentioned u like?
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Old 07-21-2011, 09:27 AM
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Default Re: Shadys experience with upgradeparts for the MR2

I had an ION Regulator lying around so I put it on my MR2, but found out the marker does not work properly with a low pressure regulator. Is there any way to get the MR2 to work with a regulator like this?

Thanks for any help.
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