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Default spyder .50 good resaults

so I got to use a 50 cal this weekend and was 100% IMPRESSED! It compleatly blew me away as to what I was expecting. Our shop was sent a few via promo from kingman, just a plain mech spyder.

It actually felt very comfy in my hands was balances alot better then any other spyder I have ever held. at 60 feet you could lap ball on ball with this compleatly stock marker (and paint they sent as well not sure the brand) It was very consistant being shot with HPA only verying in FPS about 3-4 FPS.
It lost out in range however only very slightly, not even enough that I would consider it a problem.

I was shot and it is compairable to the .68 a little less but you deffinatly know you have bein hit. Im a little hesitant to the actual amount of paint you actually get on you, makes it alot easier for people who want to cheat.

The ball is however greatly effected by wind. You get alot more problems in these conditions, it is just about unusable that way.

But all in all I wont hesitate to pick one up when the market turns over.
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