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Originally Posted by tampaimpact16
its like jammed in there... damn.. this sucks. lol
one thing you maybe able to do if you don't want to take the vertical adapter (VA) and valve out is try taking your trigger frame off and see if you can get to it that way, there is a slot in the bottom of the bodies frame that may gain you access to the buffer. If this doesn't work then at least your part of the way through with moving the internals (valve and pin).
Here are the steps for removing the V/A and valve:
1. If you have already removed your trigger frame move to step 2, if not, Remove 2 screws that hold your drop forward to the bottom of the grip frame.
2. Using allen key supplied with your parts kit for the marker remove three allen key screws, 2 for the trigger frame and 1 that holds the VA in place.
!!!NOTE!!!when removing screw for the VA maintain pressure against the VA, there is spring tension that holds your cup seal and valve pin to the valve and if you don't keep pressure on it when the screw is removed it might pop out on you!!!
3. Remove the slot-headed brass screw on the bottom of your marker body this holds the valve in place. DO NOT forget to remove that before you try pushing the valve out once you have the vertical adapter off.
4. Once the VA is off and set screw is removed; use a pencil, wood dowel or similiar item to push the valve out the front of the body. It will only go out the front. Since your buffer is in the way you will need to use something small enough to pass through the hole in the buffer without damaging it.
5. Now that you have everything out of the way, push the buffer out the back of the body.
While you have everything apart take a look at all your o-rings, if they look damaged or flat go ahead and replace. Unless you damage them during disassembly they should be fine. Good luck, if you encounter a problem stop and ask for advice here.
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