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Default Re: SP is going to raise ion prices

Originally Posted by DRAGON
I meant as far as purchasing online. Most people are looking for the lowest price possible and that's where the illegitimate dealers come in. they'll sell $10 above their price just to make a sale. Then the big businesses like AV buy tons of products and get them for less yet. The poor guy in the middle can't compete with either of them. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about. Buy a marker wholesale from Kingman for the same price AV's selling it for retail lol(just a fictitious example) -
You're exactly right about the middle guy, I'm living proof of PBN is the worst place ever for MAP problems, but they've fixed it a little bit since they made MAP violations a bannable offense. I remember when I was trying to sell 06 Borgs on PBN and kai was selling his Borgs with a free lifetime warranty, although the MAP policy from MacDev said nothing could be packaged with them including warranties. When he (or someone close to the distributor) found out I was selling them with free shipping (because I was unaware that was a MAP violation at the time) he reported me to the Borg distributor and I got a call threatening to cancel my wholesale contract with them. Needless to say, I ripped up their contract and never did business with that distributor because basically they allowed the person who was selling more guns to violate the policy while the small guy got in trouble for it.
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