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Default Re: SP is going to raise ion prices

Hmmm, I've heard this for awhile now, and like always, I have an observation on this, LOL! I realize my opinion could be totally off mark as well.

I think that when SP released the Ion, they pretty much had the "mid level" in their pocket. Their only competitor was the T1, which had a reputation as being a pain from time to time. They started pretty expensive too, if I remember right. Somewhere around 400.00. Along comes the "it performs as well as any high end gun, but at a much lower price" crowd, which REALLY hacked a lot of the "high end" gun owners. Through the months, the overall "noob" mentality of the gun owner, as stated by those owning "higher end" guns, and high sales to new players made it possible to slowly lower the MAP. Then, throw in all the aftermarket parts to go with it, SP was making a killing on the gun.

Introduce 2007 and sales of the Rail, Mini, LCD Limited Wrath, Lasoya Promaster, and that other new one, dang - slips my mind, but it starts with a "D", suddnely dominating the market that SP owned and all these guns going for around $400.00, and whammo! People are scooping these new guns up like crazy, sales of the Ion starts to MAJORLY slow down (I'm guessing here, of course. I have no idea what the Ion sales are.) Now, assuming sales have slowed down, and the mentality of the gun is not improving (rather, the mentality directed TOWARDS owners of said gun, which would drive would be buyers away) perhaps SP thinks they can move back into that price range, they can clean up that image.

Let's face it, a lot of people equate quality to price, and a LOT of people are stuck on image, and the image of the Ion is LOW! In fact, people are referring to the Rail as the new Ion - not because of it's ability, but because of the attitudes of many of the new owners....SP may be wanting the overall mentality of the gun to be a bit higher - plus it should help with the Epiphany thing as raising the price may be a sneaky way of improving part of that damaged image.

All just a theory of course, but it makes perfect sense to me!

tl;dr for those unable to read on a 5th grade level: Ion image bad. Was selling for low price. SP wants better image. New 400.00 market of guns coming out. SP wants control again and hopes to slip in on the new market by subtlely raising prices. Hope to improve overall image by raising price.
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