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Default Re: Smartparts Progressive Barrel

I love my Progressive. It is simply the best barrel in its price point.
I am running it on a Fenix with T board and eyes. After trying several barrels on it, I found that the 14" Progressive was by far the most accurate of the following: 32* Whisper and Teardrop, Stock 2 Piece Fenix, and a J&J Ceramic. My Fenix runs at full pressure (850 psi). With the T-Board, breakbeam eyes, and a FBM trigger, it is capable of well over 13bps. At that firing rate, the Progressive remained more accurate and clean than any other mentioned. I have had a few barrel breaks, but they quickly swabbed out and I attributed them to cycle rate and cheap paint. I actually had less breaks than with both 32* barrels! The Progressive is very forgiving with paint size and tempature. I am an old man and ocassionally jam by barrel tip into the ground when diving, the Progressive has put up with that kind of abuse very well too! The anno is super durable. (mine is black). As far as Spyder barrels go, I give the Progressive 9 out of 10...only holding a point for the lack of bore sizing options.
PS Sorry Josh....hope this is better!
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