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The surprise is a heart attack?

Football Breakfast:
You need 2 waffles, 1-2 eggs, 4 slices of bacon, pan.

First heat the pan to a high-medium heat. Then start the waffles cooking (in the toaster or if you're using real waffles, in the waffle iron). Third cook the bacon and after it is cooked dry the grease off of it. Fourth, fry the egg(s) (I prefer sunnyside-up) in the pan. Fifth, put the egg(s) and bacon on one of the waffles and put the second waffle on so it makes a sandwich. This is one of the easiest breakfasts to make in the morning, and although simple, two of these bad boys got me through two-a-day football practices pretty well.

Edit: Another recipe for those that are allergic to peanut butter, get some cashew butter, some jelly put the jelly on one slice of bread, cashew butter on the other and stick'em together in a sandwich.
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