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Default Staubli ProConnect Quick Disconnects

Anyone remember these? I do and they were FREAKING AWESOME.

For those not knowing, these were remote line quick disconnects that:

1. don't fall off when you bump the collar like currently available ones
2. are also a valved shut off (meaning if it DID come off, it didn't empty the tank)
3. is about as long as a currently available slide check
4. are made to German specs meaning - not crap.

Well I did a lot of on-line searching for them and it seems I had to only look to one of my favorite forums for them. They are otherwise unavailable or extremely expensive to purchase.

They are expensive though. As an A5OG member, they are $45/piece shipped and $55 for [his] local pickup. You'll likely have to join the forum to PM him but it might be worth it to you....

They can be found here: and contact user name "nchittendon"

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