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Originally Posted by UKwithPride View Post
Last I read, they were making it all a level playing field. Everyone gets the same gear as everyone else.

On another note, I'm beginning to jungle a lot on LoL to try and broaden my playing abilities to all roles. Jungles the only one I could never do very well, mainly because my lack of runes.
Structured pvp gives everyone the same gear, because its designed for competitive play. If you want to facestomp because you've played longer than somebody else or put more time in farming gear, it's not the game for you. If you want to facestomp because you know the game better than somebody else than it is. There's also open pvp via world vs world where 3 servers are pitted against eachother for 2 weeks straight in siege/foot combat. Your gear carries over here and if you played long enough to get max gear, you'll have better stats than somebody who just started. That being said, they still have a chance. So no, you can't roll into a level 10 area as a level 80 looking for flagged people -- but thats a good thing I think.
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