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5Dc's are only a little more than a 1D MkII... and that isn't even that much. Wait just a few more months when the 5Dc owners need money for Christmas, and you might find a good deal. Or a few more when Uncle Sam wants his dough.

10-22mm... meh. I like the 18mm on my 1.6x crop body (XSi), but as I have a 1.3x crop body now (1D MkII) I can go with a slightly higher powered lens and get the same results. For instance, a 22mm will give me the same 28mm equivalent that the 18mm would. I can deal with a bit of that not being there with the 28mm.

Back to the 10-22mm, though. I personally do not see how anyone really needs that, but... whatever you want.
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