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Default Re: Official Happy Therapy

Originally Posted by Hossy View Post
Thats good stuff Nader.

I had no school today. Woot woot
yesterday: a bunch of crap went down, but cashing my paycheck and loan/grant money for 2nd semester and playing rock band and some old ps1 RPGs at my friend's house til 10 made up for it.

today: woke up at 7, called the school. classes were delayed, which meant i didnt have class today, went back to sleep. went to work, came home got some good gear on WoW, gonna go to bed.

tomorrow: wake up at 6, go to work, get home, install my new car stereo, hang out with friends.

sunday: go to the gun show in louisville, hang out at home/friend's house, and just chillax on my day off.

i'm pretty content right now :smug:
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