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Default Re: druid's A5 Camo job

Originally Posted by jim762 View Post
What kind of glue did you use and what type of fabric is it? Also, if you pull the fabric off can you clean up the glue? If i can find enough tiger strip fabris i might do my MR 3, but want to be able to take it off if i try to sell it or mess up.
The fabric isn't exactly fabric. It's USMC MARPAT tarp material. In its natural state, it's thin but non-permeable and is made from 3 different layers of materials.

For my masks, I filleted the material into it's 3 different components and only used the outer MARPAT covering.

I used 3M adhesive used for reattaching head liners into cars. I doubt the material is coming off willingly or by Glue clean up should prove near

As to using material, a Tiger stripe BDU pant or jacket would work nicely and if you use rubber cement, it would easily remove with denatured alcohol.
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