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First of all, what kind of lense do you have, and for what mask?

One thing you NEVER want to do is use a chemical cleaner, like windex or something of that sort. It eats away at the molecular construction of the lense and makes them weaker than normal. It also eats the lense away, over time, and you'll see a crystal-like development on the lense.

What I do, when I'm cleaning my gear after a day of playing, especially on thermal lenses (not the dual lense kind - you don't wanna do this with those!) is rinse the lense off in COOL water, never warm or hot. Messes up the thermal coating. If I have to, but not too hard, is sort of rub the outside part with my fingers on any area that doesn't want to come clean. Not too much! You don't want to scratch them up.

On the inside of the lense, I ONLY RINSE - never touch or rub - with cold water. When I'm done rinsing them off, I sort of swish them through the air, flicking off the excess water then let them sit until they're dry. I have a microfiber cloth to get off any spots it might have afterwards. Or, sometimes I use the bag my mask came with.

The mask itself I either rinse off with the spray hose in the sink, or throw it in the dishwasher (on air dry, not heat!) Works perfect everytime!
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