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Default New Products everywhere!

First up:
Stiffi StifStik:
SITE Inc., maker of the Stiffi barrel, has once again taken the paintball world by storm with its invention of the new carbon fiber patent-pending Stif-Stik™ barrel.

* Available only at your local Stiffi dealer.
* Designs are limited editions.
* Weighs only 1.7 ounces: Lightest barrel in existence.
* Patent-pending process creates a permanent molecular cohesion.
* MicroJeweled™ bore
* Engineered with Stiffi’s famous aerospace quality processing
* Proudly made in the USA.




Camo Green


Digi-Cam Sage

Candy Apple Red Hybrid Sucide Shells:

Warped Sportz 07 Function Rail Mount ASA:

Warped Sportz 07 Function Rail"
Good times, good times.
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