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Default Re: worst paintball hits....

Originally Posted by MVS1
I got hit right in the mouth vent grill area on my old mask and the shells went right through and split both my upper and lower lip. When I took my mask off it looked like somebody hit me in the mouth with a bat. They were all surface cuts but it bleed like crazy. Not to mention the wonderful taste of having a mouthful of paint.
The same thing happened to me one day, It was only me and a few other people left on this small field, so I advanced toward the midlde of the field and tried to come over the top of the bunker I was in and shoot the guy in my mirror, and bam! right through the vents in the mouth, my upper lip bleed a little and got a bit puffy and I was spitting green for a little. But other than that I was cool, lol.
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