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Working in a virtual machine is crazy awesome - it's like being in the red light district with a full-body latex suit. I've been trying to get d3d to opengl translation so that my virtual machine acts like wine++ rather than windows--. That experimentation is enough to make a 90s computer literate child cringe. I've been randomly downloading registry modifications and running them without even blinking an eye, batch files and the like. I ran a script on c:/windows/ that modified the ownership attributes of every file. I forced system32 and syswow64 to be write/modify (in W7 there's a failsafe to prevent people from "deleting system32"). I put a bunch of modified dlls in my system folder. I love it. I can play with fire and never get burned. I just save the machine state before I do something sketch and if I DUN GOOFED, I just roll back. The consequences will literally never be the same.
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