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Default Re: modding stock valve/valve stem

Alright, I have a few things you can do, you just need a drill, drill press, some bits, and a file. I will have to go and check up on the exact sizes in a minute.

First and foremost though, you will need a Lapco cupseal or similar. I have some I can sell you for realllly cheap. But on to the mods...

1. The simplest of them all, drill out the top hole of the valve, as large as you can get it, but be careful not to cut into the oring grooves or you will have a never ending leak.

2. Mod the pin, first thing to do is take a file and flatten off the bottum side, you shouldn't have to take off too much since you have a DH striker. Next take an old stock cupseal and put it on the pin, then tighten the cupseal down in the chuck of the drill. Push in the trigger on the drill and touch the file to it. You can take off a lot of material this way, there si very little chance that you will ever break the pin.

3. Lastly, the most difficult mod. You are going to bore out the hole on the front of the valve and file down the lip on the. You can't take out too much material in the hole, and you will need a drill press to do it properly,a dn don't go too deep just go to the two holes in the middle don't cut any off the material in the back. After you have a nice hole, start filing the front of the valve, you only need about 1/32 of an inch there, jsut make sure it is flat or you will have a nice big leak.

And that is pretty much all I have for ya, I can get eh exact sizes later, but mostly you just need to do it by eye.
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