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Default Re: •••chnks gearbag sale•rotor|grillz|ego reg|cp asa|profiler|quest|jersey|pants|mor

08 dust red EGO reg (S2)

dust black ego reg (no pre 07 ego regs) - I'll cover shipping both ways
dust black/red cp shorty reg + $30 (no less)
aka regs

ninja Dye Rotor

•dye emblems removed color kit painted dust black
•custom speedfeed
I4s + $$
magnas + $$ (atleast $50)
other color rotors, white
vlos + $$ (atleast $70)
halos + $$ (atleast $80)

Vlocity Sr. Lid (will not fit jr)

•no lid spring

Vlocity Sr/Jr battery door cover


alien invasion barrel

•14", dust black, unknown bore, cocker threaded

misc Pods

•misc colors, all or almost all have gripp tape wrapped around them
$2 each, $12 for 10, you cover shipping

misc barrel covers

$4 each

70ish reballs + dye locklid

•includes both locklids
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