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Default Re: My personal Hero

Glad you heard from him and that he is doing well. By brother is in the Navy and was over there near the beginning of the war. He was quite a ways away from the action because he is on a ship. His ship, at the time, was the USS John McCain and they were firing lots of Tomahawks off of it. He was also a part of the VSBT, which stands for Vertical Ship Boarding Team. His team was partial responsible for taking over and searching all ships in the gulf. Luckily the only injury was when one of his teammates for got to safety his weapon and shot himself in the leg. I know its tough though not hearing from him and not knowing whats going on. Sometime if you could just hear them say "Hi, I doing good." Thats all you need. I hope things continue to go well for him there and that he gets to come home soon. I hope all our troops get to come home soon.
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