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Default First time out with MR2

Well after doing my research on the forum on what would be needed to get the marker to work properly like breaking in the ACS, changing out the detents to bob long intimidator detents and getting a force feed loader (halo B w/rip). My full day of play with the MR2 was great. Not once did I have a break or double feed on any of the trigger settings. Not once did I have to recock the gun during game play. The only problem was I went through way too much paint and HPA because I was having a blast with this marker.

I got to play all day without having to set on the picnic table cleaning out my marker. So thanks to everybody who posted here with their advice for other people on how to fix those annoying MR2 problems.

And too anybody that thinks this marker is too loud let me tell you this. Players want to be on your team and the other side wants to stay clear when they hear that sound of automatic fire coming their direction.
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