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my friend just got to the end with general RAAM

i havent played since tuesday, i just beat the berserker.

this game really is beautiful and just an awesome game to play, they hit all of their goals of making you sort of "care" about your team and character, while also having a great time in gorgeous (destroyed) environments. the only problem ive seen. (the ONLY ONE) is that the cover system is mildly confusing when you are covered on one side of the door frame and you want to dive throught the door and up to another cover spot. when you hit a it swat turns to the other side so you have to back off run in then press a, a mild downfall, i got used to it, but otherwise the cover system is brillant. AI is a little annoying on coop cuz when you split off into groups your guy listens to your friend's orders if hes player 1 because hes the squad commander so i sorta have to do it alone unless i tell my friend to send wierd orders to his guy (and indirectly mine)
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