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Default Whats the best hopper for the MR2?

Ok, well I had an MR1 for a while, then I decided to get an MR2.

So far, it's pissed me off. I went to play with it for the 1st time, and chopped everything. So, then I found out that it was the springs being ridiculously hard. So, I've spent the past 2 days breaking it in.

Basically, I haven't been able to really USE the gun yet. I do LOVE the way it feels, and of the few shots I got, I was satisfied.

To the point, I am using VL Force right now and I wanna know if it is good for the gun. Advice?

PS: Please don't just enter and say "Halo B". I know hign end hoppers are the best, and that I will upgrade eventually. All I want to know is, Will I be able to shoot the gun functionally on every setting with this hopper? If not, recommend something at a reasonable price?(Less than $70)

Thanks in advance.
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