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Default MR1 - Custom Markers

I've posted the pics in the MR1 section with an enquiry as to possible connecting a Rip-Clip to it to.

This is the second one and belongs to my better half as she didn't like the original weight and feel of the marker.


Airsoft Marker


Completed side A

Completed Side B

The changes that were made are as follows:

9 inch Sonix Barrel
Custom cocking mechanism to change the front cocking lever from decoration to functional.

Other than the 2 items above and the chopping up of the Airsoft marker it's still relatively stock at present

Intended upgrades:

Single Trigger

Spyder MR E-grip

Custom Magna-Valve

a functioning MP5 sliding stock (current stock is molded as part of the body and decorative)

There are a few others changes I am considering but will update as I go along also I will post pics of my Primary as soon as I get a chance.

Please post any comments and suggtestions other than that hope you enjoy it
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