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Default Acidwash Spyders?

OK, for the longest time, I thought my old SE was the only Spyder that had that amazing acidwash green/black anno job. Early this year, I found a Rodeo that had the same finish. So I bought it. (I can't help it- I'm obsessed with the looks) A few weeks ago, I was playing email-tag with someone who wanted to trade thier Pilot (blue for red, could it be?), and lo and behold, when I got pics, I was floored. The Pilot was acidwashed. So I traded for it.

Now I'm curious, how many models came with that finish? Do I have them all, or is this going to be a neverending thing?

I do know one thing, if I ever find someone who can duplicate the anno, my impulse will be blue/black acidwash; my cocker green/black; my sniper blue/black; my trilogy pink/black; etc, etc...
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