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Default Re: PLEASE HELP... MR2 is acting weird

Take one of the balls out and check to see the paint to bore match on your barrel. I don't think that's the case with the main issue, but it might be contributing.

I'd email ViewLoader about the button issue as that should not have happened... unless it was blatantly your fault? Either way, email ViewLoader about a new board for the VLocity.

My bet is that either the paint's dropping in the feedneck and breaking when it hits the breech, the hopper's crushing the paint, or you're out-shooting the low-force moded VLocity. Get new paint and fix the hopper and it should be fine.

EDIT: Check the paint for me as well. Take it and drop it on cement from about head-height (6ft). Does it break, or does it bounce? Try it with three different balls, and only drop them once. If it breaks from head height it's a good ball, if it bounces it's horrid rec paint. Take another few balls and drop them from waist height. Same thing, do they bounce or break? If they break, they're too brittle normally, and probably are old enough I wouldn't want to shoot them.
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