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Default Re: Paintball Arguments

Well Vik…….this sucks! You can type at 200wpm and I only 20wpm. I’m at a disadvantage. I need a ramping keyboard so I can keep up. Still does not discourage me from a retort though –

Originally Posted by vikingshadow
My turn!

Not saying that at all. Nope. What I'm saying is that with a field that is now even in the realm of speed per second, then a person can stop thinking about how fast they should shoot, or how fast someone else is shooting and spend that split second thinking about something more important. Sure, people can think two things or more at once, but why do it when you don't have too?
While in play? Get real Vik……no one’s specifically thinking about how fast they’re shooting or how fast anyone else is for that matter lol. Realistically speaking, that sounds like a bunch of malarkey. Please give ballers a bit more credit than being a Jethro thinking slowly about every little detail instead of the essentials. It’s just not fair, Let’s keep this rational, I’m not a 10 year old -

Originally Posted by vikingshadow
Again, not what I was saying. The army has a saying, work smarter not harder. Granted, if your fingers are trained (see lower down!) and it's automatic, then sure, it's no problem. But what we're seeing is that younger, less skilled players are developing inconsistancy and bad habits, chasing the magic "carrot" in finger speed. Anticipation, aiming, etc are the skills needed, but that's NOT what this was about.

You can't tell me that someone who ramps doesn't have these skills. They are required, just as much, if not more than before! Because now, the speed at which the balls are flying is a constant, if played correctly and legally at the 15 bps. Before, it was a variable.
So the army doesn’t want people to work hard? They’d rather have you get around issues rather than acquire the skills to be the best all around?
PFC: Eh sarge, I wanna use that red dot site rather than the iron sites.
Sarge: If the battery goes dead where does that leave you private? Unskilled and dead on the battle field because you had no idea how to proficiently use what came equipped with your firearm. GET DOWN AND GIVE ME 50 PRIVATE AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU JUST SAID!!!

The magic carrot in essence is ramping making noobs think that it’s a fix for actual skill. What if said noob’s marker broke down and God forbid they had to use a marker that had no ramping? They’re ‘working smarter’ took them back to below square 1 because they didn’t learn to crawl before they learned to walk…….um……ramp.

Here we go with that legal thingy again……rec ballers don’t need to shoot at 15bps do they? Even if you are in a tourney your marker has to be able to be set at 15bps and if it surpasses that, you can’t play. Where those rules pertain anyways. So if your marker is capped at 15bps and you’re walking the trigger, it’s not going to surpass that ROF no matter how skilled your magic fingers are -

Originally Posted by vikingshadow
I said nothing about boards. I said triggers and microswitches. And yes, when you tweak a microswitch, you add a minute bit of electronic bounce to it, and when fired over a specific length of time, it creates larger numbers of shots than what are being pulled. If you want TRUE semi, you CAN NOT be shooting an electric gun.
But boards have everything to do with switches and triggers. Remove 1 from the formula and no cookie. They all work in unison do they not? The board is what makes the marker shoot and it does not magically add shots unless it’s programmed to do so or bouncing. Please provide me with data showing this alleged enormously larger amount of shots being added.

If what you say was true, then bounce would need to be legal in tourneys for electro markers because technically, all electro’s bounce no matter what correct? -
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