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Default Re: Paintball Arguments

My turn!

Originally Posted by DRAGON
So are you saying that ramping is for those that do not posess skills such as patting their head and rubbing their belly or vise versa?
Not saying that at all. Nope. What I'm saying is that with a field that is now even in the realm of speed per second, then a person can stop thinking about how fast they should shoot, or how fast someone else is shooting and spend that split second thinking about something more important. Sure, people can think two things or more at once, but why do it when you don't have too?

Originally Posted by Dragon
If you cannot concentrate on anticipating where you and/or your opponent will go next or stay, aiming, pulling/walking/whatever the trigger and also the possibilities of taking chances(ie:balls), you lack the skills of a good baller. If so, you need to work on your skills. The only concentrations that I dwell on are anticipating where I and/or my opponent will go next or stay and possibilities of taking chances when in play. Pulling the trigger and aiming are just a natural thing now and I don't have to even ponder them at all. It's like walking or running to me, I've done it so much it's just natural -
Again, not what I was saying. The army has a saying, work smarter not harder. Granted, if your fingers are trained (see lower down!) and it's automatic, then sure, it's no problem. But what we're seeing is that younger, less skilled players are developing inconsistancy and bad habits, chasing the magic "carrot" in finger speed. Anticipation, aiming, etc are the skills needed, but that's NOT what this was about.

You can't tell me that someone who ramps doesn't have these skills. They are required, just as much, if not more than before! Because now, the speed at which the balls are flying is a constant, if played correctly and legally at the 15 bps. Before, it was a variable.

Originally Posted by Dragon
That's either bounce, ramping or cheater boards. Boards do not add shots unless they are programed to do so or are bouncing. This can be graphed by perfect consistent shot patterns or irratic shot patterns. Irratic patterns reflect the integral shots of a human, perfect shot patterns reflect programed or electronic aided shot patterns -
I said nothing about boards. I said triggers and microswitches. And yes, when you tweak a microswitch, you add a minute bit of electronic bounce to it, and when fired over a specific length of time, it creates larger numbers of shots than what are being pulled. If you want TRUE semi, you CAN NOT be shooting an electric gun.

Originally Posted by Dragon
Please read that statement again Vik lol. It's like saying that to be a good motocross rider all you need is to know which way to turn the handle bars, what direction you're going next, shift gears and use the brakes. Twisting the throttle is just a circus act, it's just something you train your wrist to do lol. I think ramping, bouncing and full auto are the circus act because it takes no skill at all to do -
I stick to my guns on that statement... but let me explain why. It's not skill to move your fingers back and forth very fast. It does take training (not unlike what is needed with a circus act.) The SKILL comes from the anticipation, the aim and the field playing that you mentioned earlier. Are you saying that someone who can't walk a trigger fast has no skill then? That those who use ramping ONLY because they want to shoot back as many balls as being shot at them are unskilled players? That the only TRUE ballers are those that can move their fingers fast? If so, I'm poop outta luck, because with my short fat fingers, I can hardly walk 14 bps in a string of more than a few seconds.

Twisting a throttle and turning a handle bar are not circus acts, because there isn't a race to see who can twist it 22 twists per second, nor turn the bars 18 whatevers per second. I just happen to think that instead of worrying about how fast someone can move their fingers, a person could be out snapping, running drills that help with accuracy, learning to anticipate. I think that with ramping, a person doesn't have to concentrate on gun speed anymore and can concentrate on other things. So what? Not having fast fingers doesn't take the skill away from other areas...

Originally Posted by dragon
This is what gets me about tourney players.....y'all think that pros only exist in your little tourney world. Why fair in tourneys and not in rec? Because it's now in the rules of tourney play and rec has less stipulations and technicalities? It gets me when people spew the words, "It's illegal". You can bet your hiney that it's some tourney player telling someone about some sort of rule that doesn't even apply to the majority of participants of paintball which are recballers -
I think this is a very unfair statement. The question was directed towards EVENTS or AT FIELDS THAT ALLOW IT (I guess I should have said sanctioned tournaments.) My statement was meant to be directed towards the newer players on the field and in the sport, not towards the salty dogs that have been rec'ing it for years. I may have left a bit out, for which I'm sorry that I didn't clarify, however, to generalize that the TOURNEY players are conceited and think that rec is below them is not correct.

And that's what gets me about rec players. They think that when people mention rec ballers, they assume it's about them. What about the majority of the players who are new to the sport that are playing, and make up the vast majority of rec ball? Granted, in the larger areas that you play in, especially in Florida and back East and up North, maybe the majority of players are older more experienced rec players, but most everywhere else, they're newbs - fresh off the street and just starting to play.

Put in that light, you can see that generalizations work both ways and yet the tournament players are the scourge of the paintball world. I must hear "My brother can take you out" or "I can own your *** in the woods" at least a dozen times a week from rec players, without any provocation from me. Most of the time, I'm not even thinking about paintball when it happens! It could be from someone who sees my screen saver, or sees a paintball magazine I have, or they're having a conversation with someone else. The point is, to bring up the tournament thing was a little out on the ledge there. Both types of players have attitudes.

My statement that it shouldn't be used in rec play was due to the fact that 95% (just a number thrown out there - I have no idea of the actual percentage) of rec players are brand new to the game, use mechs, rentals or similar such guns. To throw in a player with full tournament gear which includes the latest in ramping software, I feel they should NEVER use it against those players. I will say that my statement was incomplete - I meant to add in there "or if anyone you're playing agrees with it." That would include any and all players, not just tournament players.

The main thing about paintball is that we should be promoting the sport, not running people away. If a new person gets lit up with 15 bps in the same exact spot, the likelyhood of them wanting to play any longer is pretty small. Now, an experienced person, whether rec or tourney just to clarify, is going to expect that a lot of paint is coming, and about how much they could get hit by. They play their cover much better and therefore are more prepared. New guys are running all over the place and hanging way out of their cover. THAT'S what I meant by that statement -
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