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Default Re: Man...I ever see this on a PB field...

Originally Posted by druid
firing a .177 cal BB...steel or going to have SERIOUS affects on the target.

If it were just a matter of target shooting (like those full auto models at carnivals) and shooting out the "star" on a paper target...then it's a great thing. Taking out annoying pests like squirrels, bats and the occasional stray dog...fine.

The problem is that < 20% of any given society are sociopaths (learned that in college) and in the mind of that sociopath, this is funny. Take my complaints on the Normandy game...and now tripple the threat....

4300 players
10% sociopaths
= 430 sociopaths

4300 players
%20% sociopaths
= 860 sociopaths

It's been confirmed that at least 2 people were arrested for shooting foreign objects/reballs/marbles at Skirmish's '07 Normandy. As far as I'm aware, one lost an eye. MANY were taken off the field, chrono'd at 350+ fps and several were removed for shooting 450+............

Now add THIS thing......
Way to make me a tiddle bit scurred of the next Skirmish Scenario. Heh.

Hmm... If it fires airsoft, that could be a useful thing. Instead of having to buy an airsoft gun, you get one on your paintball gun that is much faster.

I still like the realism of my CO2 powered Wolfram PP7 replica BB gun... (it actually has recoil and is made by the same people that make the actual PP7. The slider that normally cocks the real gun is fully functional... so yes you can get "bitten" just like a real pistol. )

Oh and if it ever showes up at my field... I don't care if I get fired, I'm taking the guys/girls gun and breaking the barrel off over my knee, regardless of the gun type.

armedfuture (3:14:56 AM): they get upset easy when you use big words like "rental" and "air"
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