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Default Why Not. Eclispe Cocker vs. Borg

OK so the Eclipse Cocker (Taco's) won the OTM but Bigred and his Borg wanted a one on one. So I figure why not.

Here is the deal. Two markers, five days. Have fun!!!

NO OTHER PICTURES ALLOWED in this thread....

Polls close in 5 days. May the best marker win.


And the Markers are........

1- 2006 MacDev Cyborg

'07 Red Valve, Red Lazer eyes, CP ASA, Dark Seoul grips (not pictured), MacDev mojo

2- Eclipse Factory Cocker

Eclipse Factory Body, '06 Dark Ego Frame and Trigger ,'06 Ego Grips, E2 1.10 Board, E2 Noid Housing and Noid, MTX MQ2 Valve, Eclipse LPR, Eclipse Ram, Eclipse QEV's, Eclipse Bolt and Bolt Pin, Eclipse Cocking Rod, Eclipse Oops On/Off, Warped Sportz Ironcross Detent, Hybrid Headlock Feedneck, AKA Sidewinder, '07 Freak Back, 10" WWA UL Freak Front, Anodized by bazooka_boy

Originally Posted by TheRedBarron
secks comes to mind everytime I look at those markers. pure freaky secks.

You have been roshamboed
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