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Default Re: Night Striker's Method of Tuning, Anyone...?

His theory works. I have been tuning markers like that for awhile. Here is why. The force from the air pressure behind the valve will hold it closed. When you goto the lighter striker it doesn't hit the valve hard enough to slam the valve open like normal. The whole purpose on going to a lighter striker is to reduce kick, right? Well if you lighten the striker and use a harder main spring it defeets the purpose of lightening the internals and the kick will be about the same (a tad less). Now if you say "okay I'll stick with the light main and then bump the air pressure up", then you will go down in psi. This is because the valve has too much force and the striker can not open it all the way.

Here is how I have my marker set-up with a Night Striker XL.
I used a Rocket valve with a cut DM5 trigger spring as the valve spring. It provides just enough pressure to keep the valve pin stable but is weak enough to allow the striker to open it fully. For the main spring I have a soft (green) maddman main spring with a few loops cut off of it.

Hope this helps.
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