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Default Tapping a gauge on Pilot 08/09

First Question is
Has anyone tapped a gauge onto the Pilot 08/09 vertical adapter?

The regulator, or in Pilot's case the air-thru expansion chamber, placed in the VA goes in about 0.625"

The thickness on the inside of the VA from the o-ring, to the body placement screw is 0.218", I will refer to this as the "Top Wall".

This gives about 0.312" inside of the VA

A gauge is about 0.405" (Standard 1/8th NTP)

If a gauge was to be placed onto the 08/09 Pilot VA, it would require 0.1" of part of the top wall (the 0.218" mentioned).

My second question is, if you were to drill through some of the top wall and tap it, would it weaken the VA too much?
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