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Default Re: so im beeing harrassed and wanted your input

1. audiotaping them (phone tapping) is illegal unless they know they are being your answering machine, tell them all calls are now being recorded. Let the machine play the message, then pick up the line (screen the calls).
2. tape the convo's and tell the rents. Have them:
3. call the police
4. have them arrested for:
a) harassment by telecommunication (phone)
b) terroristic threats (if there are any)
c) disorderly conduct
d) disturbing the peace
e) simple harassment
f) fill out paperwork for a restraining order

Since most peeps know I work in a prison, I speak the truth when I say...

fighting them runs you a greater risk of getting arrested, hurt or killed. And don't let anyone fool you about vengence...if you do fight them and win, they'll be back - with more friends, more rocks and more attitude. This may end up getting someone you care about hurt too...
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