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Default Re: so im beeing harrassed and wanted your input

it makes me wonder how some of you can say "fighting is bad" and be good paintball players. Hah. When that's pretty much all paintball is, cept instead of flinging your fist at someones face your flinging paint.

That whole "ignoring them will make them feel worse" thing is crap. If you ignore them all they are going to do is find people that WILL listen to them and they WILL spread lies about you to everyone that does listen. Next thing you know everyone is trying to push you around because they heard you wimped out to the short kids.

What you SHOULD do is hunt them down. Take a few friends that you know wont let you down, walkl up to these kids and call them out in front of all thier little friends. Don't talk **** cause THAT makes you no better than them. Simply tell them that if they want some to step up to the plate. Thats all you have to say. Chances are they are going to beg your forgivness and embarrass themselves in front of all thier friends and then the rumors will run around about them instead. Then everyone will push them around, which is where thier punishemnt will be recieved.

Trust me, i'v been around the block a few times. I used to walk the streets and hang out with all the bad kids. I know how this **** works. Worst case scenario is they step up to the plate and you **** up thier day and the same thing happens anyway.
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