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Default Re: Iders Read For You Razy Mag Loving Nade Tossers

the mag i have no idea but it jsut was somthing that i came acoss

and i wouldnt know about fields i never played on one i am a woodsball freak
woods ball. and woods ball only
carson city nevada area let me knoe wif you wanna play

Spyder TL-X Q-clamp maroed(new word lol) AA 2 peice ligtened trigger(thanks to big red)

2 Spyder Xtras one has CP barrel and Qlock other is our spare gun used for newbies...

2 PMI traccers. one has original sight bracket and looks like new.. other one was kissed by druid.. and spring was clipped and the grip was hollowed to adapt a phantom stock to it

i play mainly pump now that i have one
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