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Default Rules (please follow)...

Simple rule for writing reviews.

1) Do a search in this section to see if the item you wish to review is already posted.

2) At the title of the thread, just have the product name. For instance, Kingman EM1.

3) Write your review. Please be as informative as you can with your review. We are not all versed in writing. But do bring out as much detail as you can. Do the positives and negatives of the item. I made a sample review at the top of this thread. Doesn't need to be elaborate. Think of it as, "If I was looking to buy this product, I wonder what this person that does have it think about it? What did he like and not like about it?".

Adding a brief marker stats that you have in conjunction to the product may be useful.

4) Please, only post a review if you own the item. Not that you had borrowed from a friend.

5) You should also check mark to set up a poll.

This will be the only other place that will allow polls. Polls should consist of the following:

Is an OK product.
Not Recommended!

6) If you have a product that has been reviewed already, feel free to post your review as well.

7) Please, no comments such as "Nice review.". If you have a question, feel free to ask. But it is encouraged to PM that person as you may get a faster result.

I believe that we all have an opinion of products that are available to us. So do not flame those that do not have a positive outlook on the subject. Please be honest in your review. So what if you spent money on something that really is not that good. Let us know.
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