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Default Re: Had it at 280fps then it died.

Originally Posted by Brandon_MR2
ok, so when i got my mr2 the average fps was about 305. So i cut just a lil bit off of the spring.
Then all the way out it was shooting at about 270average. half a turn in and it was at 280.

I played a game and after about 400 shots it had died. It was shooting an average of 180fps. Then i had to turn it in about half an inch to get it right.

Why did it do this. the Spyder tech told me to cut the spring. Do i need a new one?

Could it be b/c of CO2?
I really don't think that cutting the spring is a good idea. Was the average fps with the screw all the way out? I would advise trying to get a new spring and trying that.
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