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Default Re: I want to switch to HPA

Originally Posted by SkinWalk3r
wow ! that quite a bit. Let me see if I get you correctly.

You are NOT saying HPA is a hassle. What you are saying is adding a regulator to that set and tuning may be a hassle.

what do you use Co2 or HPA
i used hpa, my mr2 was converted to low pressure but i wasn't happy with the results so its back to high pressure for the time being

Originally Posted by druid
Not really...what he's saying is that converting an MR series marker to LP is [sort of] a hastle because it requires longer valve springs than are available. Any other older Spyder can be converted more easily because the spring packs that are in existance are for the older models...

HPA alone is NOT a hassle. Get yourself an HP output tank, get it filled, screw it into the marker and go have fun...

the only reason why i do lp conversions is because i enjoy messing with spyders and most importantly i have like 3 other markers when i don't tune the spyder right

just have fun,

if you feel you need better consistency in your shots later look into a high pressure reg that puts out 800 psi so you don't have to mess with tuning so much
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