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Default Re: I want to switch to HPA

Originally Posted by chnk
an inline regulator is for consistency in higher bps,

without a good regulator when you start to reach high bps you'll notice a drop in shots.

note the mr2 is a high pressure gun. It normally runs around 800 psi. Cp regs have a maximum output of 500 psi with the high pressure ones and 350 for the low pressure ones.

with only 500 psi running through your marker it'll probably shoot low velocity.

to regain loss velocity you'll have to tune your marker for a lower pressure. This requires a number things you'll have to invest, like a high flowing valve, spring kit, a new bolt maybe. tuning isn't the easiest thing to do or hardest thing to do.

though low pressure conversions require to mess with the valve and main springs to gain desired velocity. though the mr valve springs are longer than regular spyder valve springs, so your tuning is limited to just messing with the main spring, which might not get desired results.

that can be fixed with tuning a rocket valve

so you'll have to consider this factor of the cp regs anf other regs with a maximum pressure output below 800 psi

they offer better performance from your marker but you'll have to retune your marker. honestly i say this ins't worth the trouble, i'd rather go out and have fun with my marker.


other regs offer maximum outputs of 800 psi like a palmers and bob long torpedo i believe(correct me if i'm wrong). Those don't fit into the forgrip perfectly and would probably require you to hollow out the fore grip to make room for the reg,

this way you have better consistency in shots without having to do major retuning
wow ! that quite a bit. Let me see if I get you correctly.

You are NOT saying HPA is a hassle. What you are saying is adding a regulator to that set and tuning may be a hassle.

what do you use Co2 or HPA
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