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Default Old School Reborn

Well I have been "gunless" (had two spyders broke down in boxes) since early May and up until now I have been able to stay away but I could resist no longer.

I decided to rebuild the first gun I ever owned (bought in '97 I think can't remember). At one time it had a whole string of mods including a Mako E-frame, Palmer Reg, new internals, etc. but were sold to fund other guns, so I basically only had the stock parts left.

This time I went for the original look with alittle something extra on the inside

Specs as it sets now:
Spyder SE, including all original parts (site rail, back plug, barrel muzzle)
AKA Lightning Bolt
AKA Tornado Valve
Stock Hardline and expansion chamber (internals taken out)
32* Spring Kit thats been setting around forever
Original dyes sticky grips that have been on there since '99
Shorted and lightened trigger springs
Field strip screw kit, can't find one of the velocity adjuster ones so there stock for now
It will use an adjustable tank in place of getting a Reg. to keep old school stock look
Also I still have my 14" Smart Parts Big Daddy barrel from back in the day to use for large bore paint

Back to gun whoring.....

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