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Default Re: Care and maintainence help

i'm going to take a stab at that you are putting vasoline on your striker and bolt on a spyder? You may not notice anything epically if these o-ring hold up but i wouldn't dare using anything that wasn't made for pneumatic devices and in some cases marker specific applications.

#1 not properly lubricate o-rings correctly, Its the difference between reducing wear from a moving part to sealing an area contain anywhere between 100-800psi.

#2 O-ring deterioration- As stated lubricants may work for you bike chain but will break down import seals and increase interval time between rebuilds.

#3 oil not made for these high pressure environments could in some rare cases make your gun go boom

If those three reason are not enough to make a trip to wally-world, a sporting good store, your local shop, or making an online-order to buy a 3-5 dollar bottle of oil to maintain your spyder you sir do not need to own a paintball marker ever.

edit- i think the word "corrosion" is to associate the gradual chemical decomposition of metals? Not nit picking but i don't think i've heard it in any other context.
double edit- yep metals corrode, o-rings breakdown. but i totally understand what you mean.
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