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Local shop paint 20 bucks a box... i see where the extra 15 bucks kicks in. so with the battery i was turning it off inbetween games and i think i only charge it for 7 and a half hours, i just put a energizer 9v in my gun right now and the bottom light blinks as if its dying, i guess ill just buy another spyder 9v and charge both of em so ill have a spare

( 4 on 4) during one game i was hiding in a building and i saw my dad over to the side so i shot him in the back and i looked out one of the windows and only saw 2 other guys i kneeled down for a second and was about to flank left and then... BAM! got shot in the butt point blank by my cousin who has a tippman X7 im so glad he switched off the full auto, lol
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