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Thumbs up The resurrection of an ancient colossus.....

I knew it would come back, but just not when. It's a marker that made it through all the SP hate mongers but lived the life of the modern day DM's, Ego's and the like. Maybe even more popular than those in its day. So popular there were at least 25 private label versions put into circulation. What teh hell am I speaking of you say?....

The Impulse of course! Rumor has it that Smart Parts is planning on resurrecting the Imp some time in 2009. The new Imp will be first presented at Millenium Germany and then at Chitown Open. Get your camera's ready boys! It will have some Luxe features, look similar to the Ego and will cost around $1000. Another poppet in competition with the Ego perhaps? After the introduction of the shabby Ion maybe SP can finally regain my respect. I suppose I'll need to start saving my pennies in contemplation of its possible resurgence -
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