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Default Re: boards for my egrip?

Originally Posted by SundragonPPS View Post
That is the newest version e-frame by Spyder. For the most part, any board made specifically for Spyder's will fit any Spyder made e-frame. Sometimes modifications are needed to the connectors or for button placement. Lucky, Tadao, Scenario Dreams and Virtue boards are the only ones I know of that are made specifically for Spyder's. Virtue are the most expensive. Thing about these boards is with the higher ROF's, there more chance of chopping paint as a result unless you go through the whole process of adding eyes. My suggestion would be to just use the board in that e-frame since your Compact is not setup for eyes. Just get a decent hopper and you should be good to go.
yeah i see your point. i have a vlocity jr hopper and a fasta 9v. i have to admit, between my Ion, A-5, which i've put a few hundred dollars in, and my Spyder with a few ups, i am drawn to my spyder the most. theres just something about spyders that i completely love. i think its the way they look and feel in my hands. but i digress, so yeah im probably going to stick with the stock board and in the future if i decide to put eyes on my spyder, which i probably will because thats who i am, i will lean towards the virute most likely. thanks for the help you guys (:
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