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Default Re: SUNDRAGON 5th aniversery

We only sold a couple hundred of the Dragonfly strikers before our resources at those prices dried up. The other US machinists that we use just can't make them for the same price, so the unavailability.

When we released that striker the only other Spyder specific strikers that could be had were at $50 - $70. We broke through that barrier at $29 for an SPPS distinctive design that worked well.

Another reason we stopped making other Spyder products is because Kingman can't seem to keep a marker design very long before changing to something else completely different. If I invest into hundreds of parts then 3 months later everybody's buying something else completely different that the parts don't fit, we're stuck with slower selling items. Don't get me wrong, change or progress is good and I like what Kingman has done with the newer Spyder's. From a custom aftermarket parts manufacturers point of view it's just not good business sense to invest into things that may change completely in a moments call.

I made a sweet new distinctive Spyder trigger design a couple years ago but never followed through with it due to this design instability. I have yet to see anything similar. It will sit on the shelf till whenever.
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