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Default Re: ***Official Spyder picture pages***

Damn, an '06 Electra! I always wanted one of those since they have the eyes already, but all I could ever find was an '05 ACS

Large collection there, man!

Here are my babies:

05 Electra ACS

OP: 230 psi @ 280 fps
Rocket Valve
DH Striker
Palmers Stabilizer
Check-it 15* Assault Block w/ BL gauge 0-600 psi
Shocktech LPC
CP On/Off & Rail
14" Freak w/ AA tip
XSV feedneck
Warrior trigger

Imagine Pump

Imagine body
Shutter internals
PMP Trilogy pump kit
CCI 12g Changer
Dye .45 Frame
Hybrid grips
Trinity -7* VA w/ 32* gauge
12" Freak w/ AA tip

Shutter JAVA

Made of lots of spare parts
ACS bolt
CAMD E-frame
SP On/Off w/ Lucky rail
ACI 4-stage Expansion Chamber
Electra ACS VA (bigger holes)
12" Proto 1-piece
Electra ACS LP w/ Ego Feedneck & Reg | Imagine VSC Pump <-- F/S here

My Parts For Sale Thread!!

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