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Default Re: Student arrested for asking questions!

I saw more of the video this morning and I think they should have tazed him more now or at least turned up the voltage. John Kerry spoke for 2 hours to this group and when he was done he allowed the audience to come up and ask questions. The kid went up and asked a question, Kerry answered, he asked another question. I'm not sure of the exact sequence but some point he was told that he had his turn he needed to sit down and allow other audience members to ask a question. He yelled at them, told them that Kerry got to talk for 2 hours, he would talk as much time as he wanted. He continued asking questions, they continued to ask him to sit down. Finally the turned off his microphone. He yelled at them some more then continued to ask questions. It was at this point where police tried to escort him out of the building. So, did he deserve it? Hell yeah.
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